By Morgana RavenTree, Social Justice Committee Chair

This weekend, Pagans from all over the country (and the world) will gather at the Doubletree Hotel in San José, California for Pantheacon 2017.  There are so many events happening simultaneously in the programming rooms, hospitality suites and elsewhere that it’s impossible to squeeze in everything.

For those of you interested in social justice issues, here is a preview of some of the programming relating to social justice, interfaith or multiculturalism.  All programming, including activities in the Hospitality Suites is subject to change without much notice.  I recommend you check the Daily Oracle each day and keep your eyes and ears open for last minute changes.

If you are aware of any programming that should be on this list but isn’t, feel free to add it in the comments section.  And be sure to check back this weekend for updates as more information about the activities in the Hospitality Suites becomes available.

Friday, 2/17/17


-Mutigenerational Séance: Messages from the Ancestors (Melanie Marquis – Oak)

-Voices of the Animals (Scarlet Rivera & Rev. Devon Rachelle – Cedar)

-Grounding in the Urban Jungle (Laurel G. – San José)


-Macha’s Justice: Healing Domestic Violence (Marjorie Coffey – Santa Clara)


-We are COG (meet and greet) (Covenant of the Goddess – Tree of Trads Suite #1054)


-Activist Meetup (San Juan/San Carlos)


-Reclaiming: A Ritual for the Great Turning (Reclaming – Oak)

-Chants for Grounding and Connecting to Community (Turning Earth Singers – Silicon Valley)

-Pagans of Color Caucus (Elena Rose – San Martin/San Simeon)

-Self-Defense for Women (Scott H. Rowe – San Juan/San Carlos)


-Moment of Peace (Alliance for Inclusive Heathenry – wherever you are)


-A Night of Oshun’s Honey (Luna Pantera & Leni Hester – Oak)

-Hoodoo/Conjure Basics (Hexeba Theaux – Silicon Valley)

-Rites of Return: Healing the Wounds of War (Rev. Jessie Medb Olson – Santa Clara)

-Healing the Ancestral Lineage (Ayamanatara – San Juan/San Carlos)


-Kontomble Community Voice Divination Ritual (West Coast Village – San Martin/San Simeon)

-Rene Collins and the Great Movement (Rene Collins – Cedar/Pine)

-Misa para La Santisima Muerte (Quetzal Kahlo and Tomás Prower – Cedar/Pine)

-Mahal (Concert – Carmel/Monterey)

Saturday 2/18/17


-Magickal Drumming (Don Schulz – Silicon Valley)

-Antifascism 101 (Ryan Smith – San Martin)

-Crossing Stony Ground: Magic for Challenging Times (Starhawk – Cedar)


-Witches in a Crumbling Empire (Rhyd Wildermuth – Oak)

-Babaylan Indigenous Shamanic Healing (Evelie Delfino Sales Posch – Silicon Valley)

-Anansi’s Tales & Wisdom time 2 (Unkle Blacktalon Destiny – San Martin)


-Pagans in Politics (Ngo Áine – Pagans of Color Hospitality Suite #265)


-Heathen Open Assembly (Open Forum – San Juan/San Carlos)

-The Power of Magick, Transformation and Radical Justice (Diane J. Johnson – Sillicon Valley)

-Indigenous peoples: Standing Rock, Decolonization and what’s next (Ann Marie Sayers, Kenyon Sayers Roods – Carmel/Monterey)


-Working with our Ancestors of the spirit to Ward our Freedom (Diana Paxson – San Juan/San Carlos)

-Sacred Mass Calling for Justice, Protection & Healing for Women (Order of the Black Madonna – Fir)

-Grounding Spirit in Soil: Science and Paganism (Lupa – Silicon Valley)


-Healing Ancestral Wounds (Luna Pantera & Leni Hester – San Juan/San Carlos)

-Latin American Underworld Magic (Tomás Prower – San José/Santa Clara)


Libations for Justice: An Affirmation of Black Lives (Sisters of the Diaspora – Silicon Valley)


-Blood, Tradition & Tribe: An Ancestor Celebration (Naos Antinoou – San Juan/San Carlos)

-Living Earth Devotional: A Non-Theistic Ritual (Mark Green – San Jose/Santa Clara)

Sunday 2/19/17


-Tree Huggers and Dirt Worshippers: Closer to Gaia (Amber K and Azrael Arynn K. – Cedar)


-A Black Woman Speaks (Luna Pantera & Leni Hester – Pine)

-Chants for Change (Starhawk and Evelie Delfino Sales Posch – San Martin/San Simeon)

-Barisaa Ceremony – A Peacetree Ritual (The Steppes Sisters – San Carlos)


-Non-Violent de-escalation techniques (Crystal Blanton/Rhydx /Wildermuth – Fir)

-Japanese Tea Ceremony (Ms Lynn Scriven – Silicon Valley)


-Toppling the Tower (Irene Mccalphin – San Jose/Santa Clara)


-You:Divine (Irene McCalphin – Pagans of Color Hospitality Suite #265)


-Death, Drag and Drama – the Quandry of Quiddity (Kristoffer Hughes – Cedar/Pine)

-Embracing Restorative Magic (Crystal Blanton – San José/Santa Clara)


-ADF Ritual for Unity (ADF – Oak)

Monday 2/20/17


-Pagans and World Peace (Patrick MxCollum – Oak)

-Sacred Conversations (Jacki Chuculate – Santa Clara)


-Pagan Power for World Peace, featuring the World Peach Violin (Patrick McCollum – Oak)



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