Climate Action March – Report from Northern California Local Counsel

NCLC CoG was involved in the Climate Action March at Lake Merritt in Oakland CA on Saturday, April 29th.  NCLC-member Glenn Turner was one of the organizers.  We had a booth in the religion section of the event.
On one side was the Interfaith Pavilion, which included a CoG section staffed by NCLC-member Felicity (in center).
In the middle was a booth shared by NCLC CoG and the New Wiccan Church, and organized by NCLC co-First Deborah and MO Thea.
In front of our booth, we had a shrine to Coventina with her own wishing well, including water from Coventina’s well in the UK.  Lots of people, especially kids, stopped to make a wish with the coins provided.  Many people appreciated the opportunity to asperse themselves (and cool off).  They also appreciated the dispenser of iced tea we had out front, free to all!
Our next door neighbors on the other side were the Heathen group Hrafnar and the Goddess group Fellowship of the Spiral Path.  They helped educate folks about the watersheds that fed where they live.
There was quite a crowd – at least a few thousand.  They hoped to extend hands all around the Lake, but it ended up being a march around the lake.  In one of the pics below you can see the march on the other side of the lake.
Here’s some local coverage:
Our booth looked great!  The Pagan & Interfaith folks formed a nice community.  Many people stopped to ask questions or express support.  A lovely day and a great success!
Don Frew
co-First, NCLC

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