CoG Statement on Science

I’ve wanted to post the Scientific Statement issued by the Covenant at Merry Meet 2018 to the Social Justice Blog, but I felt it required some explanation.

Some questions occurred to me that seemed to need an answer as to why this statement is relevant to the Social Justice Blog.

If you have more questions, or do not consider the post relevant, please contact the Blog editor at  We’ll be happy to post your views.

Why is a statement on science relevant to a Social Justice blog?

Because truth is vital in the pursuit of all kinds of justice, social justice included.  Science has certainly led us down the wrong pathway on occasion, but its ultimate goal is truth.  Science has taught us that

  • Climate change is real, and that it is human caused
  • The difference between individual members of the human species are much greater than aggregate differences among subgroups of that species
  • Exposure to stress damages a child’s brain
  • Ecosystems are delicate and complex, and we tinker with them at our peril

And so much more.

Why is should the Covenant, or the larger Wiccan and Pagan community care about science?

Because we hold the Universe and all its creatures sacred, science is a study of the sacred.

How can witchcraft possibly support science?

Witchcraft is a science.  The names may have changed, but astronomy had its roots in astrology, chemistry in alchemy, modern pharmacology in herbal magick and healing, and many more.

It is my belief that there is a scientific underpinning to much of what we do as witches, but that it is not yet understood.  By encouraging further study, especially in the areas of physics and psychology, we will ultimately understand why and how magick works.  That it does work I have no doubt.

Rowan of our Lady of the Woods,
Editor, CoG Social Justice Blog


Covenant of the Goddess Adopts Science Statement at 2018 Grand Council


Covenant of the Goddess

Janine Nelson

Public Information Officer

Fort Lauderdale, FL, August 16, 2018: During the 2018 Grand Council of the Covenant of the Goddess (COG), held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, attending COG members adopted a scientific statement reflecting their support of scientific methods.

The author of the statement, Andrea Kendall, member and an Interfaith Representative of the Covenant, explains, “In a society where science and religion sometimes find themselves at odds, the Covenant of the Goddess, whose members follow a nature based religion, wishes to state support for the ethical application of the scientific method.”

It is the author’s opinion that, “Science provides one of the best tools for understanding nature, and that there is no inherent conflict between its methodologies and our religion.

Science provides information that often creates a sense of wonder about the natural world and a better understanding of our ancient past.”

 Scientific Statement

 We, the members of the Covenant of the Goddess, honor Mother Nature and seek to better understand Her.

 We recognize that, when correctly applied, the scientific method gives us a greater understanding of that which we hold sacred.

 We also look to the Pagan past and see such figures as Hypatia of Alexandria as a shining example that religion and science do not need to conflict with each other.

 While understanding the limits of science, we embrace its gifts and the wonders it can show us.

 We thus support ethical scientific research. We also clearly state that our religion encourages our members to consider the results of ethical scientific research.



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